You can never ever go wrong with having a hand soap dispenser in your bathroom. Have you ever heard of an automatic liquid soap dispenser? If not, you have now! An automatic liquid soap dispenser simply is a water resistant and battery-operated dispenser that provides you with soap by detecting your hand. Pretty cool right? They are certainly attractive, stylish, modern, and can be either mounted on your wall or placed on your bathroom counter.

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1. Secura 17oz Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

automatic liquid soap dispenser

Welcome this attractive automatic dispenser with a stylish high-quality chrome black finish and clear soap container that can be wall mounted or placed on a countertop. So, the water-resistant battery-operated automatic soap dispenser has a 17 oz. capacity container. Note that the 4 AA alkaline batteries are not included. Included is an ON/OFF switch and adjustable soap dispenser volume control switch to dispense 0.03~0.19 oz. per activation.

As well as an included infrared sensor which detects your hand from as far away as 2. 75 inches.

2. Hanamichi Soap Dispenser, Touchless High Capacity Automatic Soap Dispenser

best soap dispenser

Hanamichi’s automatic soap dispenser uses the latest design free-standing adjustable button, built-in precise infrared motion, and PIR sensor detection technology. The upgraded sensor prolongs the working life and elevates the sensitivity more. Capacity is 400ml/13.5oz. There is variable dispense control soap volume by adjust +/- switch to control the liquid volume from 0.5 to 3ml. No dripping or trailing, no waste soap. Also, compatible with most kinds of liquid. You don’t need to touch the soap dispenser so as to avoiding cross infection effectively.

Designed with waterproof base and rubber seals, the battery compartment is prevented from getting soaked in water which causes corrosion and the dispenser fail. In addition, there is no screw for the base easy to separate it.  Material is made of ABS + PC and plastic. Also, the enhanced motor power offer more stable quantity of produced liquid. Included too is leakproof and waterproof technology, preventing soap or water from corroding circuit boards.

3. Simplehuman 8 oz. Touch-Free Sensor Liquid Soap Pump Dispenser

simplehuman automatic liquid sispenser

Simplehuman’s touchless sensor pump makes it super easy to clean up without leaving germs, grease, or smudges. The flexible silicone valve snaps shut, creating a seal while preventing messy drips. Simplehuman’s high-efficiency pump dispenses soap in just 0.2 seconds. Furthermore, the sensor has a precise trigger zone for accurate, high-speed activation. There are easy-access control buttons which allows instant volume adjustment. No messy spills because of the wide opening, making refills fast, easy, and spill-free.

Designed to be the optimum consistency for sensor pumps, the hand soap comes in convenient 34 fl. oz. refill pouches. It can last up to 1 year with 4 alkaline AA batteries (not included).

4. FKWin 17oz Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

soap pump

This soap dispenser has the latest built-in infrared sensor technology to quickly and accurately dispense liquid soap to your hand or sponge when you need it. Also, the touchless soap dispenser can be used by multiple people without contact, making everyone’s life safer and more convenient. It uses a 500ml/17.6oz liquid tank. Too, you can adjust the +/- button to change the dispensing volume with 5 levels.

The liquid outlet is designed with an automatic rubber seal so there is no dripping or trailing at the fluid outlet and no mess on your countertop. Compatible with a wide range of liquid soaps. It features a clear liquid tank, allowing you to see when soap levels are low and need replenishing. Touchless soap pump is also designed with a waterproof base and rubber seals, preventing the battery compartment from getting soaked in water.  It is powered by 4 AA batteries. Batteries are not included in package.

5. AIKE 9.5 oz. Rechargeable Automatic Sensor Liquid Soap Dispenser Pump

automatic sensor

You are sure to get an easy reach and better hygiene with this rechargeable soap pump. The touch-free sensor pump has a fast response in just 0.2 seconds. So, no bulky button has to be pressed again. The beauty of the stainless finish resists fingerprints and water spots for a cleaner look. So, there are no batteries needed. There is a recharge plug on the back and a Type-C charging cable, no adapter. Always get the right amount of soap that you want with the 5 levels adjustment.

Now, please note that the dispenser is equipped with a 2000mAH battery, and the current is limited while charging to ensure complete safety. It usually takes about 7 hours to full charged.

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