Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their bathroom. Whether you’re on the toilet, cleaning, or simply relaxing in your bathtub. A bath pillow is what you need in order to fully relax in your tub. A bath pillow is just like a pillow you would lay on when it is time for bed. However, it is made of air mesh, allowing the pillow to withstand being in water and drying fast after use. There are many types of bath pillows, but what really matters is the suction and comfort!

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1. Bath Haven Bath Pillow Bathtub Pillow

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Instantly find relaxation from this luxurious bathtub pillow. It is designed to envelope your head, neck, back, and shoulders with a soft, breathable cushion, so you can bathe in bliss. Due to the air mesh technology, the bathtub pillow stays cool and comfortable. The quilted 3D mesh fabric allows constant airflow which makes this spa pillow dry fast. While other pillows have 3 or 4 suction cups, Bath Haven’s has 6 which keeps it firmly secured on the bathtub.

The top-quality bath pillows provide support for sensitive joints & sore muscles. So, step into your home spa with this cushion to soothe your soreness! They are convenient and come with a machine washable washing bag as well as a travel case to take comfort wherever you go!

2. AEROiVi Bathtub Pillow

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The AEROiVi pillow is made by comfortable and soft air mesh material. Moreover, the pillow has Large 2 Panel Ergonomic Designs. It is perfect at providing support for your back, neck and head during the bath time in tub. It will be a very nice neck and head rest tub pillow for you. There are 6 strong and large suction cups on the backside of the tub pillow. So, your pillow can be fixed on your bathtub firmly. Thanks to the soft and comfortable air mesh material; you can adjust the position of the cushion in your tub easily.

There is a little bulge design on each of the suction cup. Simply pull the bulge lightly and take down the bathtub cushion from tub easily. Water and air flow through the pillow smoothly because of the breathable and quickly dry air mesh material. Also, it is easy to dry when you hang it after soaking bath. It fits any tub, spa, or jacuzzi and has a big drying hook on the back.

3. Sierra Concepts Bath Pillow 

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So, this paradise bath pillow was designed with ergonomic and comfort in mind while also providing maximum padding. It provides strong support for your body from the shoulder up. As well as relieve the pressures and stress from your head, neck, shoulders, and back. So, you’re able to feel confident about your pillow staying secure and in place during your relaxing bath. Leave your worries behind as the powerful suction cups prevents any slipping or sliding as your head, neck and shoulders rest.

It is soft, breathable, non-irritant and quick dry. The fabric alone allows constant airflow throughout the pillow, keeping it comfortable, cool and heavenly. Fits any size bathtub, tubs, Jacuzzi’s, or spas. Plus, easy to take care of simply by rinsing or machine washing. When done, hang dry with the hook provided.

4. KANDOONA Luxury Bath Pillow 

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How lovely is this? There are 6 extra-large airtight vacuum suction cups to keep your bathtub pillow from sliding and moving around while you relax. These power suction cups don’t rip off.  Unlike other skimpier bath pillows with a flat headrest where your neck can slip down any second, this pillow has elevated sides to help your muscles relax. As well as providing ergonomic support for your neck. Besides that, the pillow is made with the softest fabric on the market.

The 3D, breathable air-mesh material dries very fast and prevents the cushion from sticking to your skin like cheap plastic ones do. Due to the ultra-soft and thick padding cushion, your head, shoulders, and longer back will have the ultimate comfort. Added is a separate mesh bag as a gift for you so the suction cups won’t adhere to the walls of the washing machine.

5. Bath Pillow for Tub, CielClair Bathtub Pillow Headrest

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CielClair updated and improved bathtub pillow with ergonomic design provides super strong support for your body from the shoulder up. Pressure and stress is relieved from your head, neck, shoulder and back. Made by upgraded 4D air mesh technology, CielClair spa bath pillow allows consistent airflow for better permeability. Too, the skin-friendly premium fabric makes bathing a comfortable and soothing experience. Easy to clean, and softer and more comfortable.

The quick-drying breathable material makes it easy for maintenance and daily care. After simply rinsing or machine washing, hang the pillow up in a dry and ventilated place with built-in hook. Washing bag (Not included) is advised for better protecting the suction cups. Fits any size bathtub, tubs, jacuzzi, and spas. Exquisite, simple packaging and shower cap bonus is always a great choice as a gift to someone you care about. 

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