Everyone needs a cleaning sponge for their bathroom. A cleaning sponge is simply for cleaning all of those areas in your bathroom such as the bathtub, sink, shower, and countertops. When getting a cleaning sponge, you want to make sure that they are absorbent and durable. You also want to make sure that your cleaning sponge is streak free so that your surface will not have any damage. Note that after every use, wash and rinse your sponge with warm water and quickly dry or squeeze.

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1. MR.SIGA Non-Scratch Cellulose Scrub Sponge

cellulose scrub sponge

MR.SIGA’s non-scratch scrub sponges have a royal blue scrubbing layer and light blue scratch free cellulose sponge layer. The premium scrubbing side cleans without scratch, while the non-abrasive light blue cellulose sponge wipes away dirt and particles. The scrub sponges are made to last as they maintain their shape well and do not fall apart or crack easily like regular sponges. They also last a long time even when scrubbing against tough surfaces. So, scrub, wipe and clean with MR.SIGA’s cleaning sponges confidently.

These are perfect for cleaning various areas including bathroom and any household cleaning kit effectively, keeping your bathroom sparkling clean. Comes with 12-pack, each 6-piece sponges are packed in a bag. When cleaning, remember to always test the scrub side on inconspicuous area for verifying no surface damage. Do not use it with abrasive cleaner. Rinse with water after every use, they will dry quickly and don’t get smelly. You can also try the heavy-duty version.

2. O-Cedar Scrunge Multi-Use (Pack of 6) Non-Scratch

cleaning sponge

The amazing O-Cedar Scrunge sponge has a unique non-scratch double-sided scrubbing surface that is great for cleaning different areas. O-Cedar’s Scrunge Multi-Use Scrub Sponge is a powerful, all-purpose sponge. It scrubs, cleans, and wipes away dirt that is stuck-on messes on most household surfaces. The sponge features a rippled scrubber surface that breaks up and lifts away dirt which helps prevent gross, smelly odors that get trapped in traditional sponges or dish rags.

No more smelly sponges! O-Cedar’s scrub sponge, when rinsed clean, prevents gross, smelly odors that get trapped in traditional sponges or dish rags. For optimal cleaning results, replace the sponge every 30-60 days. This version of O-Cedar’s Scrunge is 20% thicker and quickly wipes all hard surfaces clean in your home. It can be used on kitchen countertops, glass stove tops, microwaves, oven racks, tile, bathtubs, sinks, dishes, cookware, bakeware and more!

3. Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges

scotch brite sponge

Scotch-Brite is highly known for creating satisfying sponges that work such as these. These non-scratch scrubbing sponges have 3 times the scrubbing power for completing everyday jobs. It is safe on non-stick cookware, countertops, showers, tubs, and more. It is long lasting, durable, and can be replaced at least every 3 weeks for the best performance.

4. Scotch-Brite Bathroom Buildup Swift Scrub

swift scrub

Scotch-Brite Bathroom Buildup Swift Scrub cuts through tough buildup 3 times faster than an eraser pad. So, say goodbye to soap scum, limescale, pink gunk, and elbow grease. These are durable and reusable as one Swift Scrub outlasts 4 eraser pads. They are two-sided scrubbers that remove buildup with one side and wipe surfaces clean with the other. Apply pressure with 1 to 2 fingers to activate the Precision Scrubbers. A little point pressure in the corner is all you need for the best buildup removal.

The scrubbers are safe to use on most surfaces including shower doors, tubs and tile, sinks and fixtures, floors and walls. There are no harsh chemicals needed as you can clean with just water or vinegar. You can also some shower door cleaner to clean your shower doors.

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