Having a freestanding toilet paper holder in your bathroom certainly gives you storage for your toilet paper. As well as adding a beautiful and elegant look to your space. These are simply popular because they are beautiful and add a source of style to your bathroom’s area. Not only that, but the toilet paper holders provide a place to put your tissue. You can simply just reach over and grab some for use. You can also place it where you like as it is free to move around. They are compact in size but big in beauty.

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1. SunnyPoint Free Standing Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder

freestanding toilet paper holder

Add a pleasant style to your bathroom by placing a sturdy constructed toilet paper holder. The free-standing design is made for any bathroom, restroom and garage. Besides having a beautiful chrome finish, the holder has enough space to hold 3 Mega rolls of toilet tissue and dispenses. It has a thick Base, so paper rolls won’t touch the floor. Chrome Finishing; Dimension: 25.98 x 7.00 x 6.42 Inch; Heavy Weighted: 3.50 lbs.

2. JAGURDS Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand for Bathroom

toilet paper holder

What a simple solution to organize your bathroom while adding a fresh, modern touch! This freestanding toilet paper holder has a minimalist style and a smart display structure that will do the trick. The toilet paper stand is made with high-quality stainless steel, which is a durable and strong material that will pass the test of time. The toilet paper caddy is corrosion-proof and has a shiny finish for a touch of elegance in your bathroom. JAGURD’s floor toilet paper holder features a weighted base with stabilizers to make it sturdier while preventing the holder from wobbling.

Furthermore, the base has an anti-slip surface that keeps the holder stand from sliding on your bathroom floor. With the brushed nickel toilet paper holder stand, you will never be caught off guard while doing your business! This toilet roll holder offers easy access to the toilet paper and has a storage rack that can hold up to 3 more rolls. It has a simple design with detachable parts that make installation easy. Too, it is lightweight and ideal for home bathrooms, public restrooms, office, RV trailer, restaurants, and more!

3. KES Toilet Paper Holder Stand 26.2 Inch Toilet Tissue Holder

bathroom decor

KES has increased the height of the toilet paper roll holder to 26.2″ (66.8cm), so there’s no need to bend over excessively to grab some toilet paper. This is great for those with back issues or limited mobility. The crossbar is 4.9″ (12.6cm) in length which fits most household size rolls, such as Regular, Mega and Jumbo. Also, the endcap of the crossbar keeps the toilet paper roll in place and prevents it from falling off. This floor toilet paper holder releases your cabinet storage space that would normally be taken up by bulky toilet paper rolls while making your toilet paper accessible.

Also, the base is designed to weigh 3.3 lbs. (1.5kg), which is 1.5lbs heavier than other similar items on the market. It can be easily placed anywhere in your bathroom and will not tip over when you tear paper towels. Screws are made of premium SUS304 stainless steel which prevents corrosion and rust. Note: Screw and washer are pre-installed. Base is lined with anti-slip paddings to prevent the toilet tissue holder from moving out of place. Moreover, the padded bottom can keep your bathroom floor free from scratches.

4. TomCare Toilet Paper Holder Upgraded Toilet Paper Stand

bathroom organization

TomCare toilet paper holder is a free-standing design, which has raised feet that can make the holder more stable. As well as keeping the toilet paper away from the bathroom floor, ensuring the paper stays clean and dry. It is equipped with a square shelf for extra storage of cell phones, small bottles, or reading materials, which can bring you a lot of conveniences. T size of the shelf is 6.9” x 4.9” x 1.2”. There are 3 parts to the toilet paper stand: dispenser, roll storage holder, and extra shelf.

So, you don’t need any tools to install them, which saves you a lot of time. It is made of quality metal material with a smooth powder coating that effectively prevents rust. Also, it is lightweight, movable, and can be easily moved anywhere in the bathroom.

5. X-cosrack Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder

toilet paper

X-cosrack freestanding toilet tissue holder offers convenient dispensing of tissue rolls and easy to place in any bathroom. You can place it anywhere, perfect for small bathrooms, large bathrooms, apartments, or dorms. The free-standing design also lets you move easily to the desired location. The holder holds six rolls and dispenses one, reserve for storing extra toilet papers out of the cupboard. It comes with a top shelf for holding cell phones, tablets, wet wipes, and other small items, keeping your essential possession safe while you handle your essential business.

Bottom wire basket not only stores up to 4-6 rolls toilet paper, but also hold books, magazines, newspapers, and other bathroom reading material. Come with four plastic pads, you can screw and adjust on the base bottom to make the holder balanced and stable. Also, these four plastic pads help to prevent the toilet paper getting wet when the floor is wet. There are installation tools and hardware that you can easily install following the comprehensive instructions. Measures 30.3 height x 11.8 length x 6.1 width, making it perfect for small and large places.

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