When it comes to the best air freshener, Glade Air Freshener makes the list. From candles to plugins and more, Glade has you covered in pretty much every area. However, their original air freshener is the blueprint. There are various of nice smells that gives you fresh, sweet, or a combination of both. Luckily, you can get the air freshener in bundles where you will not have to constantly buy one at a time.

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1. Glade Spray Collection 4 Flavors: Lavender & Vanilla, Hawaiian Breeze, Clean Linen & Apple Cinnamon (Pack of 4)

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How great is it having all of these wonderful scents in your home? I say pretty awesome. So, this is a pack of 4 Glade Air Freshener that comes in 4 different scents. Those scents are Lavender, Hawaiian Breeze, Clean Linen, and Apple Cinnamon. The scents are very fresh and not too overpowering which is great for those who don’t like a very strong scent! Plus, you’re getting 4!

2. Glade Air Freshener Room Spray, Clean Linen, 8.3 oz, 6 Count

clean linen

Clean Linen Glade Air Freshener Spray has a fragrance crafted by master perfumers, with beautiful notes of crisp air, fresh laundry, and Lily of the Valley. Now with 2 times more fragrance (vs Glade 7.6 oz spray), it’s easier than ever to enjoy waves of freshness. Surely, we can’t forget about the fashionable can and push button that gives you improved comfort and control. Feel waves of fresh energy with as this freshener uses 100% natural propellant, and is made without phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, nitro musks, or dyes.

3. Glade Air Freshener, Room Spray, Lemon Fresh, 8 Oz, 12 Count

lemon spray

Lemons will always be a refreshing and fruity scent! Each of these are infused with essential oil extracts, ensuring yours will always be an open home. Embrace the zest for life! This refreshing fragrance is ripe with the invigorating scents of lemon, mandarin and tangerine, and will instantly turn any room in your home into an orchard of freshness.

4. Glade Air Freshener Elegant Amber & Oud 8oz 4-Pack

elegant amber

Experience the fresh smell of Amber which is a light and warm aroma that will give your bathroom’s atmosphere a rich smell. Amber is usually a popular and unique smell that a lot of people like. You’ll probably even get a small hint of vanilla at times. What’s even better is that you’ll get 4 of these to keep that beautiful smell going.

5. Glade Aerosol Air Freshener Clean Linen, 8 OZ (Pack of 6)

glade clean linen

Welcome the original scent of Clean Linen which is filled with crisp and fresh waves of aroma floating in the air. The colors of the can are absolutely beautiful, but the smell is even more beautiful. Of course, it eliminates odors and freshens the air. Yes, the steel can is recyclable. Filling process uses more than 30% renewable energy. Updated cap for more ergonomic hold and easier spray.

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