So, when it comes to bathroom storage, a glass canister set is what you need. Having a glass canister set is great for storage such as Q-Tips, cotton balls, small soaps, cosmetic pads, bath salts, and more. A glass canister set is also very attractive, stylish, and will give your bathroom counter a rich and fancy look. Furthermore, the transparent design gives you great ability to display these items or see what you are looking for.

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1. WHOLE HOUSEWARES Premium Glass Apothecary Jars with Lids (Set of 3)

glass canisters

This glass apothecary jar set is designed with an airtight seal which will to keep everything in place while leaving the air out. Choosing glass canisters is best because they do not discolor or smell. These are great for storing cotton swabs, cotton balls, cosmetic pads, bath salts and more.  Airtight jars with hinged lids allow contents of jar to be easily seen without removing the lid. Simple and clean design, handmade glass makes your life sophisticated and classy. Sit your canisters on a wooden rattan tray for style.

2. Easeen Mini Glass Apothecary Jars, Bathroom Storage Organizer Canisters

glass jars

This awesome glass jar set will give you the full ability to organize your vanity countertop and bathroom. They are the perfect storage jars and decoration for a simple yet transparent style. So, the high-quality, thick glass is safe, healthy, and not easy to break. Plus, the BPA-free, lead-free glass is ultra-durable. The glass is also waterproof and moisture-proof, has good sealing, and is easy to clean with mild soap and warm water.

3. Rejomiik 2 Pack Qtip Holder Thick Glass Apothecary Jars with Lid

q-tip holder

Your bathroom will look splendid with a diamond faceted glass canister set. The set is thick, classy, and look expensive. They would truly make your bathroom look very fancy while adding to the ambience! When your bathroom lights are turned on, they look so pretty and shiny on the counter. Made of premium thick glass without sharp edges, so that you can gold them with no problems.

Also, the glass is heavier, sturdier, thicker, and more durable than ordinary glass. Apothecary jars have crystal color that is super gorgeous, modern, and stylish.

4. SheeChung Bathroom Vanity Glass Storage Organizer Holder Canister Apothecary Jars 

apothecary jars

So, this glass apothecary jar set combines beauty with organization. It has a rounded base to provide plenty of room for storing cotton swabs, Q-tips, cotton balls, cotton rounds, flossers, hair accessories, and more. You can easily wipe the exterior clean with soap and water. The set provides a decorative accent to your powder room, bathroom vanity, makeup table while keeping everything clean and organized!

The glass canisters are durable and the lids are metal, rust-proof and easy to remove. Note that the jars are not sealed, so you can access the items inside with one hand easily. These will look so cute with a metal soap saver.

5. KMwares 3PC Set Premium Quality Glass Bathroom Canisters

bathroom decor

They are just as functional as it is stylish. In addition, these jars are ideal for holding a variety of items, from makeup items to daily essentials. These decorative jars make a stylish addition to everything and they’re the perfect way to bring a touch of classic elegance to your living space. The glass canisters are durable, BPA Free, no toxins, chemical and lead-free, high-quality, and reusable.  Sizes are Large – 4.1in x 7.3in (24 oz); Medium – 4.1in x 6.5in (18 oz); Small – 4.1in x 5.5in (13.9 oz).

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