Make your bathroom cleaning process easier with a bathroom mop and bucket. Of course, every bathroom needs a mop and bucket because the traditional cleaning just takes too much time. Luckily, there are many that you can find today but some that outdo others. A lot of us already do a lot of cleaning and working with our hands which can tire them out. A mop and bucket handle the wringing so that you don’t have to do it with your hands. Isn’t that considerate? I surely do think so. Also, most sets offer extra reusable heads in case if you’re in need of any.

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1. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

ocedar mop

O-cedar’s exclusive bucket design features a built-in wringer that allows for hands-free wringing while Splash Guard keeps water splash and spray inside the bucket at all times. The EasyWring Microfiber Mop Head is machine-washable and reusable! According to O-cedar, replace the mop head refill every 3 months for optimal floor cleaning results. The system uses millions of strands of advanced microfiber to effectively capture dirt and grime with just water eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. It is safe for all hard flooring, including finished hardwood, wood, laminate, tile, vinyl and more.

Due to the patented triangle mop-head and ability to rotate 360 degrees, the mop can reach and clean deep into corners, under furniture, alongside baseboards, and between tiles. This offer includes 1 EasyWring Refill, and each EasyWring Microfiber Refill lasts up to 3 months. With a telescopic handle that extends up to 48 inches, anyone can mop comfortably without having to bend over.  Also, the streak-free microfiber mop easily attracts and locks in dirt, dust, pet hair, grime, dried-on or sticky messes better than a traditional cotton wet mop. It can be used wet or dry for mopping or dusting.

2. JOYMOOP Mop and Bucket with Wringer Set

joymoop mop

The JOYMOOP mop and bucket with wringer set and 2 chambers of mop bucket, has WASH and DRY. Dirt is scratched away in WASH chamber, while water is squeezed out in DRY chamber, without using your hands. The self-cleaning mop saves you time and labor by letting the bucket do more work than yourself. Mopping is just between mop and bucket, so be free from dirty water. All you need to do is insert and pull the mop. With the 360° rotation mop head, you can reach any corners and those hard-to-reach places. Plus, the adjustable Stainless-Steel Handle, which can be extended from 26.5 to 50.0 inches.

All pieces are compact enough to fit effortlessly inside the bucket. When you don’t use it, just put it in the corner and you’ll never have to worry about taking up too much space. There are 3 washable microfiber mop pads refills that come with this set. They have strong water absorption that lets you easily do any wet and dry cleaning. In addition, the washable mop pads maintain quality after being washed in your washing machine. Join your cleaning session with some hardware floor cleaner for a complete shine.

3. X3 Mop Flat Mop and Bucket Set

mop and bucket set

Get your bathroom floors squeaky clean with the X3 Mop and Bucket set. It is the industry’s first to separate dirty from clean water, so no more washing your floor with used contaminated water. Gross! There is a brand-new design with a New Ultra Strong Mop Handle & Mop Head along with other improvements a well! The set comes with 3 reusable microfiber mop pads for a variety of floor types (Machine Washable).

With the extra soft mop grip handle and 360° rotation Stainless-Steel mop shaft, you can easily access those hard-to-reach areas. Due to wet and dry usage, you can either use wet for a deep clean or use dry for dusting floors, ceilings, windows, and other surfaces.

4. Oshang Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set

bathroom items

Unlike those other mops, the Oshang Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set is the real deal when it comes to quality. It is made of unbreakable and rust-free polypropylene plastic to ensure longer lasting quality. The stainless-steel handle can extend to 60.0 inches long, avoiding your back pain. It is also great for cleaning floors, walls and windows. Oshang’s premium mop bucket design features a built-in wringer for hands-free self-cleaning. Also, the suspended scraper design effectively removes stains on the surface of the mop cloth head.

It squeezes all the excess water off and leaves you with a clean pad. Unlike other microfiber mop pads, Oshang’s mop pads use 300D/576F microfiber with added nylon bristles to help clean hard stains. So, the cleaning power is much higher than traditional microfiber mops. Dirt, pet hair, and grime are absorbed and removed more effectively. Surely, the set is perfect for home, kitchen, bathrooms, and office cleaning. You can use it while wet for a deep clean or dry for dusting floors, ceilings, baseboards, and other surfaces.

5. MASTERTOP Spin Mop and Bucket with Wringer Set

mastertop mop and bucket

The MASTERTOP wet or dry mop can be rotated at 360° with high applicability and can reach every corner and gap of the floor. It works on all floor surfaces, ceramic, hardwood, tile and more! This mop features a beautiful stainless-steel handle, which is nondeformable and durable. So, the mop can indeed be used for long term and has material that will improve cleanliness and not damage floors. Dry the mop head by turning it with your foot, reducing drag and saving you a lot of effort to clean the mop cloth.

You also don’t need to bend over which is a plus. You’ll receive 5 microfiber mop refills and 5 cleaning cloths. You don’t need to buy an extra mop head for at least 1-2 years, and cleaning cloths can be used to clean any area you want. Sweet!

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