Having an all-purpose multi-surface cleaner in your home is very beneficial for a clean bathroom. The Mr Clean All Purpose Cleaner will surely have your bathroom looking sparkly clean after use. There are various kinds of the all-purpose cleaner that comes in many scents, colors, and sizes. So, you’re able to clean and freshen your bathroom at the same time. This cleaner easily cuts through and removes grime while circulating a wonderful scent in your atmosphere. You can use everywhere in your bathroom including the tub, toilet, sink, floors, and more.

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1. Mr. Clean Multipurpose Cleaning Solution with Febreze (128 oz)

mr clean all purpose cleaner

Clean and freshen your bathroom at the same time with this Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution with Febreze. Febreze is a great smelling air freshener, so this has to smell really good. The Multipurpose Liquid Cleaner cuts through grease, removes grime and leaves a light and fresh scent of Febreze. You can use it to clean dirt and eliminate unwanted odors on Linoleum as well as tile floors, toilets and bathtubs. How are you going to use this if you don’t have a mop & bucket. Also, get you some refills so that you won’t have to worry about missing a cleaning session.

2. Mr. Clean All Purpose Cleaner, Clean Freak Mist for Bathroom (16 fl oz Each)

clean freak mist

For multi-surface use, is this 3-pack Clean Freak Mist with a wonderful fruity smell. You can never go wrong with a bathroom smelling like a fresh fruit garden. Unleash your inner clean side with this cleaning spray that serves as both a kitchen appliance stainless steel cleaner and bathroom toilet bowl cleaner. It is climate pledge friendly. The U.S. EPA Safer Choice certified products contain safer ingredients for human health and the environment. The power nozzle allows for aerosol & bleach free cleaning and can be reused with Mr. Clean, Clean Freak Refills to reduce waste.

Cleaning is much easier with this innovative cleaning mist that activates on contact to cut through dirt right away. There is 3 times the cleaning power vs. the leading All Purpose Cleaner with bleach spray. Simply pump the bottle for continuous bursts to spray from any angle, then wipe away with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheets or a damp/dry cloth or paper towel. For a tougher scrub, the Mr Clean Magic Eraser comes in handy.

3. Mr. Clean Liquid All Purpose Multi-Surface Cleaner (45 oz Bottle)

bathroom cleaner

This powerful multi-surface cleaner completely cuts through grease and is tougher on dirt. It cuts through 100% of dirt, grease, and grime. So, the Mr. Clean multi-purpose cleaner works all around your house! You can use on everything from linoleum, to tile and finished hardwood floors, to toilets and bathtubs, and even garbage cans. Talk about versatility! It is also great for using on sinks, counters, stoves and more! For an even better clean, join this cleaner with Lysol Cleaner Gel to clean your toilet.

4. Number 1 In Service M.C. Mr Clean Multi-Purpose Summer Citrus Liquid Cleaner (120 fl oz)

multipurpose cleaner

This cleaner does not only clean thoroughly, but it also leaves a long-lasting freshness that’s bound to impress your friends and family. Concentrated in an easy-pour bottle, Mr Clean is the only cleaner that the authentic homemaker will use. Summer Citrus leaves no residue, just a long-lasting irresistible fresh Lemon scent. There’s nothing like a nice lemon smell. It infuses the cleaned area with touchable freshness without leaving any residue, so there’s no streaking or spots left behind.

Cutting through dirt and grease, Summer Citrus continues to yield impressive results with minimal effort. The deep cleaner effectively works on most hard surfaces including stone, porcelain tiles, and linoleum. It works all around the house from the kitchen to the bathroom and even outdoors. With the size, you’re able to save space in your storage or supply closet with this concentrated formula. So, the cleaner comes in a 1-gallon jug which can be reconstituted into 64 gallons. Get a powerful clean and a great scent instantly.

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