If you’re looking to give your bathroom a marvelous clean, get you a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The magic erasers are super good at lifting up dirt from your surface and wiping it away. The great thing is that there are various kinds of Mr. Clean magic erasers that all get the job done. With these erasers, you can your bathroom’s surface, walls, bathtubs, sinks, floors, doors, and more. With the erasers, are no harsh chemicals added which is a plus. Also, you’ll get a powerful clean using the eraser with water alone. Now, how powerful is that? Of course, this is not a surprise when it comes to Mr. Clean’s cleaning products.

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1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Extra Durable (10 Count)

mr clean magic eraser

Here, you have a 10 count of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that are extra durable and good at serving their cleaning purpose. These extra durable scrubbers are 4 times stronger with DURAFOAM. Meaning you’re in for a surprise once using these. The cleaning scrubbers are super tough on dirt and other places that you plan on using them. They can be used as surface cleaner, wall cleaner, bathtub cleaner, oven door cleaner as well as erasing marks on light switches, doors & much more!

Using these with water alone completes your bathroom cleaning job and requires minimum scrubbing. However, a nice cleaning spray or all-purpose cleaner is always great to add to your cleaning process. Dimensions are 8.74 x 2.68 x 5.78 inches.

2. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Bathroom, Shower, and Shoe Cleaner (10 Count)

how to use mr clean magic eraser

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser bath scrubber with Febreze Lavender scent erases 3 times more Soap scum vs. the leading all-purpose Spray Cleaner. So, that means that this is a pretty solid cleaner. It is used to remove soap scum from even the toughest areas of your bathroom, hard water on shower glass, soap scum on bathtub, grime on tile and grout, hairspray, and Toothpaste residue on counters and sinks. This tough pad works on just about everything you can imagine.

The scrubber has been updated with DURAFOAM to fight more of your impossible bathroom messes better than before. Simply add water to colored dots and squeeze your eraser to activate the built in cleaner. It’s just that simple! Dimensions are 5.2 x 5.12 x 4.96 inches.

3. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Original Cleaning Pads with Durafoam (6 Count)


If you like Mr Clean magic erasers, you’ll definitely love the original scrubber. They say that nothing is better than the original, right? Well, these pads are 2 times stronger with DURAFOAM cleaning performance vs. the leading all-purpose bleach spray. The cleaning scrubbers are extra tough on dirt on any bathroom surface. Yes, they can be used as surface cleaner, wall cleaner, bathtub cleaner, oven door cleaner, erases marks on light switches, doors & so much more!

What’s even better is that these pads provide a powerful clean with water alone. There are no harsh chemicals added so using these will be no problem. Dimensions are 2.32 x 5.43 x 7.48 inches and 0.16 ounces.

4. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Cleaning Wipes

bathroom wipes

For a great bathroom cleaning process, is the power of Magic Eraser in a disposable sheet. The sheets are thin and flexible to instantly give you a deep cleaning in hard-to-reach places. When using these wipes, the only thing that you need is some water and you’re good to go. Yes, these are perfect for using in your bathroom. However, the wipes are versatile. They are also great for cleaning greasy stove tops, tough stains in microwaves, grimy fridge handles, hard water spots, and stains on sinks and faucets.

Even though they are thin, your job will be well done. Dimensions are 12.12 x 7.1 x 2.2 inches and 7.37 ounces.

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