Quilted Northern Toilet Paper provides you with absorbent layers for a comfortable and relaxed clean. The toilet paper is septic-safe for sewer and septic systems. It is also made from well-managed, certified forests, and other responsible resources. It is always great to have a nice smell coming from somewhere. Therefore, Quilted Northern has an Ultra Plush kind that has a scented tube bringing you a fresh and lovely smell. Of course, not all of their toilet paper have scents but that was just one of their popular products.

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1. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper with Sweet Lilac & Vanilla Scented Tube, 24 Mega Rolls, 3-Ply Bath Tissue

quilted northern toilet paper

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper with a Sweet Lilac & Vanilla Scented Tube pampers you with a pleasant bathroom experience. Each Mega roll has 255 sheets for a long-lasting experience. In addition, each pack contains 24 Mega Rolls and 255 3-Ply Sheets Per Roll at 3.8-inch x 4-inch sheet size. There are three cushiony and absorbent layers for a comfortable and pampering clean. So, Quilted Northern bath tissue products are flushable and septic-safe for standard sewer and septic systems. Also, it is made from well-managed, certified forests and other responsible sources.

2. Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & StrongĀ® Toilet Paper, 32 Mega Rolls = 128 Regular Rolls, 2-ply Bath Tissue (Pack of 1)

ultra soft and strong

Ultra Soft & Strong toilet paper is soft, strong & made sustainably for a comfy, reliable clean. Each Mega Roll has 328 2-ply sheets that are 4 times stronger & more durable than the leading value brand of toilet paper when wet. In addition, each pack contains 32 Mega Rolls of Ultra Soft & Strong toilet paper. Quilted Northern uses energy-efficient manufacturing to save more water & use less energy vs. other Ultra national 2-ply brands in the drying process on a per sheet basis.

3. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper, 32 Mega Rolls = 128 Regular Rolls, 3-Ply Bath Tissue (Packaging May Vary), 8 Count (Pack of 4)

mega rolls

Ultra Plush is designed with more fiber in every sheet to create the softest and most plush premium toilet paper ever for a more luxurious experience. So, each Mega Roll has 284 3-ply sheets and is equal to 4 Quilted Northern Regular Rolls, so that you can change the roll less often. It is 3 times thicker and 3 times more absorbent than the leading value brand toilet paper. Comfortably pamper yourself with 3 cushiony-soft layers in every roll of Quilted Northern’s premium toilet paper. Each pack contains 32 Mega Rolls and is equal to 128 Regular Rolls.

4. Quilted Northern Eco Comfort Toilet Paper, Mega Rolls, 6 Count of 308 Sheets Per Roll


Yes, Quilted Northern EcoComfort is the first ever premium, eco-friendly toilet paper. Cool, right! Get the same premium comfort you expect from the other Quilted Northern brands, only with added earth-friendly benefits. There are 3 trees planted for each 1 used & made with 100% renewable power using renewable energy credits. Also, the toilet paper comes in earth-friendly 52% plant-based, and 100% recyclable packaging. Included are 6 count 2-ply Quilted Northern EcoComfort Mega Rolls, equal to 24 regular rolls, 308 sheets/rolls.

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