In order to keep your floor dry while bathing, a shower curtain liner is needed. A shower curtain liner simply gives your bathroom a beautiful look while reducing your chances of mopping after a shower. Most people will have a shower curtain and a liner behind so that their curtain will not mess up. That way they will not have to use their shower curtain as a water shield and mess up the beautiful piece. Shower curtain liners are waterproof and mainly transparent in color.

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1. LiBa PEVA 8G Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner, 72″ W x 72″ H, Clear, 8G Heavy Duty Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner

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Welcome this beautiful liner. Its ultra smooth specialty design is created to roll off water and promote water bead formation. So that water swiftly rolls off the surface, keeping your bathroom dry and clean. With 3 timeless color options to choose from, use it as a stand-alone curtain for a bright & airy atmosphere, or pair it with your favorite fabric shower curtain. Measuring 72″ x 72″, the Liba shower liner fits any standard size shower or tub, whether you have a straight or curved shower rod. The three heavy duty magnets on the bottom keep the curtain in place and away from your body.

It features 12 rust-proof metal grommets and a reinforced header that prevents tearing for long-term functionality. Made with 100% high quality and eco-friendly PEVA material. Free of PVC & chlorine, which means no unpleasant plastic smell or unpleasant chemical fumes. Containing significantly less volatile organic compounds than PVC liners, Liba’s PEVA shower liner is certainly the better choice for you and your family’s health!

2. BigFoot Shower Curtain Liner – 72 x 72 PEVA Heavy Duty Shower Curtain

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As you step under your warm, soothing showerhead, it’s better when your surroundings are spotless, too. Your shower curtain should be odor-free and impermeable to keep the mist in place. Bigfoot’s durably constructed 72” x 72” curtain liner delivers, carefully crafted with stabilizing magnetic weights, and rustproof metal grommets. Beautiful bathroom decorations like fabric outer curtains, wall art, and linen baskets last longer when they avoid water exposure from leaky, ineffective liners.

Feel confident that shower sprays will stay contained when your BigFoot lining is sturdily in place. The 12 attractive grommets hold firm from above, and three strong magnetic weights along the curtain’s bottom keep the barrier from sliding around as you wash and move about in the shower. With your full-coverage, end-to-end plastic liner in place, there’s no need to worry about slipping on a wet floor or stepping onto a soggy bathroom rug. It is also made with top-quality eco-friendly materials.

3. Downluxe Waterproof Clear Shower Curtain Liner 72″ x 72″, Clear

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The size of the lightweight clear shower curtain liner is 72″ x 72″, which is ideal for most standard size showers and bathtubs. It is made of 100% top-quality PEVA material and works with straight or curved shower rods. The shower liner is repellant water to keep your floor dry and clean, playing the role of excellent assistant in your bathroom. So, there are 3 weighted magnets at the bottom stick to the tub’s side. They keep the shower curtain liners in place and reduce blowing when you are showering.

Reinforced top header with 12 metal grommets can make this plastic shower liner easy to hang and hard to tear.

4. ALYVIA SPRING Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain Liner with 3 Magnets

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This liner is made of premium fabric with a waterproof coating tech. The lightweight shower curtain features a reinforced header and rustproof metal grommet eyelets. It is easy to hang naturally and drapes nicely, long term use as shower liner or curtain. There are 3 magnets at the bottom of the curtain to add extra weight that helps keep the fabric shower curtain liner in place and reduce billowing. The fabric shower curtain with hotel quality is odorless and PVC free & BPA-Free.

It has NO plastic smell like PEVA/EVA. Furthermore, the tightly woven fabric protects curtain from soaking and keep your floors free from splashes and sprays of water. This polyester shower liner dries quickly. Super great for using in moisture-rich bathroom environments. Also, it is machine washable and 72 x 72 inches standard size for most shower or bathtub.

5. Barossa Design Plastic Shower Liner Clear – Premium PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

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With 3 magnets at bottom & 12 metal grommet holes, it can be used as a stand-alone shower curtain or shower liner. The plastic shower curtain is quick to dry, keeps the water into your tub. There’s no soaking compared to fabric liners, great inside shower liner to protect your outer curtain. This clear shower liner is sturdy with rustproof metal grommets and reinforced header, can last a long time. Measuring 71″ width by 72″ length, this light shower curtain liner will fit your bathroom scheme at any home, apartment, condo, hotel, school shower, athletic club, gym and everywhere else.

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