As long as you have a bathroom, you’re going to need paper towels. There’s no other way around it! You know that you’re going to need to dry & clean your hands and clean up. So, today I will be doing a Sparkle Paper Towels review which is a popular brand that is very well-liked. There are a few factors that are looked for in a paper towel such as absorbency, cost, ply, sheet size, strength, and more. It is also important to remember that some people like thick paper towels while others like thin. So, let’s get started!

These are the 12 Double Rolls = 24 Regular Rolls Sparkle Paper Towels. There are 110 sheets per roll, 605 Square Feet (56.2m2). Size is 11-inch x 6-inch (27.9 cm x 15.2 cm).

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So, these come with thirst pockets which provides more absorbency. The 12 rolls are more than enough to dry your hands, wipe your bathroom counters, mirrors, and whatever else you need to use them for. Buying in bulk also saves you money and plenty of time until it is time to buy more. Here are the 6 Double Rolls = 12 Regular Rolls which is the same Sparkle Paper Towels but with fewer rolls.


Even though the ply is not on the packaging, I am sure this is 2-ply. This makes it great for thorough cleaning.

Backyard Compostable

As you can see, these are 100% backyard compostable too.

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So, I find the design of these very cool. Just a bunch of patterns but it is always nice to see a designed paper towel. There is also a cuff stuck out so that it is easier to tear. You also have the option to tear two paper towels at once in case if you need a wider size.

best paper towel


So, this is the sheet with the cuff which explains why it looks wrinkled. The sheet is slimmer compared to some other brands.

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The paper towel also holds up good against water meaning you’ll have a great cleaning session.

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I do wish that the paper towel sheets were wider as you will need more than one towel to clean better. You may also need to use two to completely dry your hands after washing. Yes, they are pick-a-size but sometimes you may catch yourself tearing a half sheet when you’re trying to tear a full sheet. Quality is great and I do recommend! Put it in a simple paper towel holder to add to your bathroom look.

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