Of course, you’ve heard of a toothpaste squeezer. However, a toothpaste dispenser is next level! A toothpaste dispenser not only has toothpaste squeezers but much more than that. Other things including electronic toothbrush holders, organizer slots, and a dust-proof cover. So, you are able to organize a bunch of bathroom items while keeping them safe from dust and germs. Usually, you will mount these on your wall so that you can have easy access to complete your morning and night routines.

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1. Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted, Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Squeezer Kit

toothpaste dispenser

The wall mount toothbrush holder is a built-in automatic toothpaste dispenser which squeezes out certain amount of toothpaste you need, preventing waste of toothpaste. Dismantling it for cleaning is as well as putting it back together. It keeps your shower stall and bathroom sink clean and tidy. The upside-down cup design functions as a cover for anti-dust and fast water draining. The cups are securely attached to the holder so that they can quickly drain. As well as effectively keeping toothbrushes and cups dry and clean to avoid bacterial. Not only is it a toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser, but also a storage tray.

So, the storage tray is multi-grid and can be placed to hold toothpaste, soap, combs, cosmetics, shaver, etc. Also, it has a built-in cosmetic organizer and drawer. Saving space from your countertop while making your bathroom tidier. Included for security are strong adhesive, seamless stickers. Easy to install, no drilling and no tools, fixed well, will not fall off and break the wall. Please note that this sticker is only applicable to surfaces such as smooth tile, wooden wall, smooth marble, smooth glass, frosted glass, and smooth metal.

Material is ABS, non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly. There is good high-temperature resistance, environmental protection, safety and sanitation. (Product size: 10.78 x 3.93 x 5.19in).

2. DENSAIL Double Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser with Dust-Proof Cover

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Luckily, this toothbrush holder has two built-in automatic toothpaste dispensers. Designed to allow multiple people use different types of toothpaste at the same time, it can effectively distinguish between who’s toothpaste is who. As well as distinguishing between morning toothpaste and night toothpaste. The toothpaste dispenser uses vacuum pump technology, preventing toothpaste waste. Magnetic switch design can prevent your toothbrush and toothpaste dispenser from dust and particulates.

It guarantees that you and your family have a dry and clean toothbrush every day. For your health, choose a dispenser and holder with a dust-proof cover. Equipped are 4 toothbrush slots and 2 electric toothbrush holders that can meet different toothbrush types. In addition, are 3 hooks that can hang your washcloth, towel, loofah, shower cap, cup with handle, etc.

Both the dispenser and holder are made of PC+ABS and high-quality food-grade polymer material. It’s BPA free, safe and durable. Containing 2 automatic toothpaste dispensers, 3 Hooks, 2 Electric toothbrush holders and 4 toothbrush holders, it suitable for the entire family. Super easy to install and easy to disassemble, with no drill and tools, attached with 1 strong seamless sticker, strong adhesive. Dimensions are 8.5″L x 2.9″W x 5.1″H.

3. WEKITY Multi-Functional Toothbrush and Toothpaste Dispenser for Bathroom

toothbrush holder

Wekity toothbrush holder is a set of products containing 2 toothpaste dispensers, 4 cups toothbrush holder, and multi-functional incorporating shelves. With an upside-down cup design, water drains faster and functions better. The cups are securely attached to the holder, never falling and easy to pick up. Included is a vacuum extrusion pump, providing a large amount of power, and durability. No waste of toothpaste.

For a strong hold is a strong wall sticker. Wall-mounted style, easy to install, fixed well, will not fall off and break the wall. (Product size: 26 x 8.5 x 17cm / 10.24 x 3.35 x 6.69in)

4. iHave Toothpaste Dispenser Wall Mount for Bathroom

wall mount

Add a simplistic and minimalistic style into your bathroom with this hygienic and convenient bathroom organizer. It frees hands and has a unique dual-position patented technology ideal for the whole family. You can quickly get the length of the toothpaste you want by changing your strength. No drill, no holes. This bathroom accessories installation is easy without hurting your wall. Before installation, please clean the wall, press the adhesive strip to bond the wall entirely, and use it after 24 hours. The strong non-marking adhesive strip used in the toothpaste dispenser has an excellent caulking effect.

It can be firmly bonded regardless of plastic, metal, wood, mirror, or tile, except for easily torn wallpapers. Also, good performance in high-temperature and humid environments. Suitable for all kinds of toothpaste with a hole diameter of 0.47 inches or less. You can detach it and wash directly with water. Dimensions are 2.7″L x 2.6″W x 4.56″H.

5. WAYCOM Dust-Proof Toothpaste Dispenser

waycom dispenser

Say goodbye to sticky, messy sinks and counters. Thanks to the WAYCOM dispenser. Vacuum technology Pump out last drop of toothpaste to avoids waste of toothpaste. You’re able to freely control the amount of toothpaste, easily and quickly, and also avoid wasting your money. This dispenser allows you to quickly, easily and neatly dispense just the right amount of toothpaste directly onto your brush. Displaying keeps your toothpaste and brush dry and clean while the vented cover keeps bristles dry and sanitary.

The holder can simultaneously release 3-5pcs toothbrushes. Due to wide application, it is suitable for various brands of toothpaste and most toothbrushes on the market. Installation is easy with 3M double-side stickers, no drilling, or holes. Suitable for mirror, ceramic tile, glass, metal paint or other smooth surfaces. Dimensions are 6.2″L x 4.3″W x 3.3″H.

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