Of course, if you have a bathroom, it needs to be decorated. Starting with your bathroom wall. Metal wall art is popular for being placed on bathroom walls. So, why not place some beautiful tree of life metal wall art in your bathroom. The tree of life represents afterlife and connection between Heaven and Earth. Besides having a beautiful and peaceful message, the art itself is gorgeous. The colors and glow from the metal comes together so nicely.

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1. LATUD Tree of Life – Metal Tree Wall Sculpture, Gold Tree Home DecorTree of Life

tree of life metal wall art

This metal wall art has exquisite appearance with colorful and shiny leaves. Once it hits the light, the colors will change which is pretty neat! The large gold tree is a very beautiful scenery and will look nice on the center of your wall or near a window if you have one in your bathroom. Quality is hard, workmanship is fine, and art is not easy to rust. Surely, the tree is perfect for anyone looking to add a decorative piece of art to their home. Dimensions are 27 x 1 x 31 inches and weight is 2.2 pounds.

2. Demissle Tree of Life Metal Wall Art Tree Life Wall Decor 

tree wall art

Perhaps you want a simple look in your home! So, this family tree wall decor adopts the shape of a life tree. While also having many birds on the branches, which look vibrant and prosperous. It adds a lot of fun to your home while bringing a good mood to you and everyone else that sees it. Of course, it is made of quality metal material, is sturdy and reliable, and not easy to break or deform. Also, has no unpleasant smell.

The neat appearance with a nice, coated finish and sleek curves, can be applied for a long time. Dimensions are 11.81″L x 11.81″W.

3. RESACO Tree of Life Wall Art

metal art

Welcome this tree of life wall sculpture that is designed with a round tree silhouette, in a classic black color. The look is simple but stylish, giving you an artistic feeling, and bringing your space a refreshing feel of nature from the birds to the lovely patterns. So, the plaque is made of sturdy metal from exquisite cutting technology with no burrs or rough edges. It is black textured static powder coating.

Also, the black power coating is a uniform, high-grade black coating, making it hard to fade. As well as protecting against rust or damage. Dimensions are 11″L x 11″W.

4. It’s Cactus Store Tree of Life Metal Wall Art, Contemporary Iron Artwork Decor

bathroom decor

This piece is absolutely gorgeous. From the colors to the style is amazing. In its many renditions, the Tree of Life is a tremendously popular and iconic image. Which explains why you see it everywhere from tattoos to decor. It has a timeless elegance, fits into many decorative schemes, and is naturally appealing. The lovely tree art reflects natural lighting, and color variation that varies from medium to dark silver. Dimensions are 23″L x 23″W.

5. MetalArtWallDecor Tree Of Life Metal Art, Large Wall Decor, 36 inches, Heat Colored

bathroom art

How about an extremely gorgeous heat colored tree of life piece for display? This lovely art has great quality and craftsmanship that will shine as soon as you place it on your wall. The color will definitely give your space a warm and soothing atmosphere. Place this up and instantly feel the love from every piece of this amazing metal decor. It is 36 inches.

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