Viva Paper Towels have a multi-surface cloth featuring a powerful cleaning power. The paper towels have a unique texture that traps and toss mess while removing unwanted dirt and grime. Using the paper towels leaves any surface spotless and is also safe to use on any surface. They are strong, durable, and maintains an everyday clean once using them. Being versatile, allows you to clean granite, glass, metal, and even wood.

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1. Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Paper Towels, Task Size – 12 Super Rolls (81 Sheets per Roll)

viva multi-surface

With this pack comes 12 PAPER TOWEL SUPER ROLLS. 12 Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Paper Towel Super Rolls and 81 sheets per roll. Viva’s cloth paper towels feature 4 times cleaning power to remove dirt, scrub grime, absorb quickly, and lock liquid. Each of these cloth paper towels traps mess 3 times better when wet vs. Viva’s dry towel. Choose the right sheet size for any task thanks to perforated paper towels and unique texture to trap and toss mess.

2. Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Paper Towels, Choose-A-Sheet – 24 Double Rolls (110 Sheets per Roll)

viva paper towels

This pack contains 24 double rolls which equals 48 regular rolls (110 sheets per roll). The unique weave texture helps lift and trap mess on many surfaces, including metal, granite, glass, and wood. There are 2 absorbent layers that soak up a variety of messes. Plus, the minimal lint makes it great for cleaning glass and mirrors. Choose-A-Sheet paper towel sheets = 11.0 inches x 5.9 inches. Sustainably sourced from responsibly managed forests.

3. Viva Multi-Surface Cloth Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels Cloth-Like Kitchen Paper Towels, White, 83 Sheets (Pack of 6)

bathroom items

New Viva Multi-Surface Cloth is a household towel designed to lift and trap mess on many surfaces & works better when wet for those tough messes. The strong & scrubby disposable paper towels have 2 layers for sponge-like absorbency with an effective Texture-Weave to lift and trap mess. Versatile towel with cloth-like durability that is great for cleaning appliances, wiping countertops, cleaning windows, cleaning bathroom surfaces and use with cleaning sprays.

4. Viva Vantage Paper Towels, Choose-a-Sheet, Regular Roll, 6 Count (Pack of 4)

choose a sheet

Get a good scrub in with paper towels with scrubby texture. There is cloth-like durability and sponge-like absorbency. Also, more sheets per roll than the leading national brand’s select-a-size regular roll. Choose-A-Sheet lets you select a size for messes big and small. There are 1584 sheets with fantastic texture meaning that you can rinse the paper towels, wring them out, and they still will not tear apart.

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