When it comes to white bathroom accessories sets, you can’t go wrong! Better yet, having a white ceramic bathroom accessories set is even better! Having a ceramic bathroom set creates a luxurious and contemporary appearance. The simple yet decorative material, color, and design goes well with many bathroom themes and color schemes. Ceramic also gives a unique and traditional look which can upgrade your other bathroom decor.

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1. RQYIXI Bathroom Accessories Set 4pcs

ceramic bathroom accessories

A combination of wood and ceramic never looked so good! There is a wood cover for soap dispenser and wood bottom for tumbler, soap dish, and toothbrush holder. The wood and ceramic combination makes the sets looks luxurious and contemporary. Furthermore, the embossed design on the white ceramic body is unique. The simple yet subtly decorative design could go well with various bathroom decoration styles.

This set is made of environmentally friendly dolomite ceramic. Unlike plastic or resin, which may look cheap, the luxury ceramic bathroom accessories are lead-free, non-toxic. Also, the wooden part is from an oak tree, which is of top grade.

2. BLBYHO White Bathroom Accessories Set Complete (5pcs)

white bathroom set

This ceramic bathroom set provides you with everything you need for the bathroom sink. The soap dispenser can hold 14.2 Ounces of liquid soap without refilling it frequently. The tumbler and toothbrush holder provide storage for daily essentials such as toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup brushes, hold eyeliner, lip pencils and other small items. The set is made of environmentally friendly dolomite ceramic.

It has nice weight and is sturdy and durable. Too, the pump of the soap dispenser is made of ABS plastic with chrome coating instead of steel, avoiding rust due to high humidity bathroom conditions. You can easily clean the set by wiping it with a soft cloth or rinsing with water. There are no sharp or rough edges. Only smooth lines to feel the nice touch.

3. CAA’S Bathroom Accessories Set Ceramic 4 Pieces


So, this delightful ceramic bathroom accessories set is made of high-quality porcelain clay and fired at high temperatures, which will not produce harmful odors. The soap dispenser pump head is perfectly designed by plastic and silver plating. It is not easy to rust, is durable, and tightly matched to prevent leakage. The simple white glaze design and smooth surface make it very easy to clean. As well as keeping your bathroom clean, sterile, and hygienic for a long time. Perhaps you want a more traditional look?

4. ANTIS’S HOME Bathroom Accessories Set with Embossed Design 4PCS

soap dish

A unique embossed design from this beautiful set will instantly upgrade your bathroom with its exquisite design. The bathroom accessory set is made of ceramic material that is strong and durable. It is perfect for storing items while having a stylish approach. So, the sets are very easy to clean. Simply take a damp cloth or rinse under a stream of water and wipe clean. Arrange this pretty and practical 4-piece bath ensemble set on your bathroom vanity or counter to infuse style and luxury into your space.

5. MyGift Bathroom Accessories Set, Deluxe 4 Piece

soap dispenser

Welcome a beautiful ceramic set topped off with beige and white finishes. This is certainly a set that adds a unique modern and chic look! Bathroom set features an elegant, yet simple striped beige and white design, that will work well with a variety of bathroom d├ęcor styles, while adding functional storage. Bath accessories are perfect for storing your toiletries and adding a stylish organization to your bathroom counter.

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