Besides using canisters for bathroom storage, you may want a more stylish way of holding storage. A white marble bathroom accessories set will give your bathroom counter style and beauty. The marble certainly has a rich and fancy appearance, and the best part is that the sets are way less expensive than marble floors and countertops. The sets come with plenty of storage such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, tumblers, trays, cups, and a soap dish.

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1. ZCCZ – Bathroom Accessories Set 6 Pcs 

white marble bathroom accessories set

Say goodbye to cluttered counters because the ZCCZ white marble bathroom accessories set will help organize your bathroom gadgets while taking up minimal space on your bathroom counter. The set features a unique, stone-textured shell and rounded corners, adding a touch of style to your bathroom. Made of premium polyresin, all included accessories are thick, sturdy, and moisture, humidity, and corrosion-resistant, ensuring longevity and durability.

2. Haturi Bathroom Accessories Set, 5 Pcs Marble Look Bathroom Sets

bathroom accessories set

Take a look at this unique and gorgeous marble look design. Furnish your new bathroom or upgrade your current bathroom accessories set with its exquisite design, giving your bathroom a touch of elegance. All pieces of the bathroom counter set made of high-quality resin, perfect for daily uses. Simply rinse and wipe with a soft cloth. Perfect for storing your toiletries and keeping your bathroom counter fully organized neatly.

3. Samic Bathroom Accessory Set, 4 Pieces Countertop Bath Set

marble decor

So, this bathroom soap dispenser set features a beautifully elegant white and gray marbled color that pairs well with modern, contemporary, or farmhouse styles. The set is well crafted with high-quality resin and is safe for daily use and stain resistant. Also, easy to wipe down with a cleaning cloth for long-lasting resilience. Included is a long tray with a raised edge for holding accessories or adding more decorations to your space. It’s great for holding hand towels, bar soap, jewelry, makeup, or perfume bottles.

4. L’MKI Bathroom Soap Dispenser Set – Bathroom Toothbrush Holder Set

dispenser set

This lovely set is finished with black trim that highlights the beauty of the marble look. Black and white bathroom decor highly suits rustic retreats or sleek modern spaces and is always full of style. It is inspired by the beautiful veining of Carrara white marble, giving a uniquely modern traditional appearance that transforms your space into a complete luxury. Made with high-quality resin and rust-proof stainless steel, the collection is durable and long-lasting.

Plus, the pump of the soap dispenser is sturdy and simple to use. Base of each piece includes rubber studs, preventing slipping and scratching while keeping your counter dry.

5. FoverOne 4PCS White Marble Bathroom Accessory Set

bathroom set

The unified style of the white marble finish from this set agrees with any bathroom and adds high-grade elegance and charm to it. It holds all bathroom necessities, like body lotions, liquid hand soap, toothbrushes, toothpastes, soaps and more. You can put them on the vanity tray to keep them in place and save spaces for your small bathroom. All accessories are made of high-quality resin material, which is more durable and stronger than ceramic or plastic ones.

Furthermore, the waterproof design makes them last long in humid environments. Smooth surface is easy to clean and wipe with a damp cloth. So, the premium ABS pump of lotion dispenser works without any clogging, which ensures smooth squeezing experience. With the help of the long spout, lotion won’t drip on the bottle body, which keeps your bathroom vanity clean and neat. Wide opening mouth makes it easy to refill the dispenser with lotions, liquid hand soap, or shampoo.

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